This glossy white body wall tile collection features 11 subtle pastel colours that will play with light to add a shine to any environment. Available in 4 different shapes, you can combine the colours in an infinite number of patterns to create eye catching settings. Alongside the base tiles, CITY offers an exciting patchwork décor that compliments the rest of the range with its vibrant, exciting patterns.


132x400, 65x400, 65x200, 132x132



Slip Rating

No Rating



Water Absorption: ISO 10545-3 >10%

Flexual Strength: ISO 10545--4 Conforms

Abrasion Resistance: ISO 10545-7 PE1 3

Chemical Resistance: ISO 10545-13 Resistant

Material: Ceramic

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Type: Torello
Size/s: 20x200
Type: London Trim
Size/s: 50x200
Type: Crochet Grey B
Size/s: 65x200
Type: Crochet Grey A
Size/s: 65x200
Type: Crochet Tobacco B
Size/s: 65x200
Type: Crochet Tobacco A
Size/s: 65x200
Type: Brocade D
Size/s: 65x200
Type: Brocade C
Size/s: 65x200
Type: Brocade B
Size/s: 65x200
Type: Brocade A
Size/s: 65x200
Type: Bullnose
Size/s: 65x200
Type: Pencil Bullnose
Size/s: 30x200
Type: Escocia Trim
Size/s: 20x200
Type: Quarter
Size/s: 20x200
Type: Jolly
Size/s: 12x200