Impression | Porcelain


Our IMPRESSION tile collection revisits prehistoric imprints left by animals and plants in rock formations and which are designed as ornamental patterns destined for contemporary environments. The preliminary styling was particularly inspired by the traces of grooved shells from extinct ammonites. Its unique appearance stems from the hand-drawn pattern, similar to the imprints of primordial creatures impressed on the facade of the stone. Using our own imagination, we can see a variety of figures in the subtle patterns. The imprints break up and overlap mimicking the signs of time in archaeological digs. Moving in different directions, the IMPRESSION surface provides optical illusions more densely patterned areas and voids, creating a simple, natural and elegant ambience for interiors.

Technical Info

  • Slip Rating
  • R9



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  • 600 x 600 Tiles
All measurements are in millimetres.


  • 9.5mm


  • Matt